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THC: 20%



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White Runtz is a great choice if you want to relax your body and fill yourself with inspiration. The presented Californian weed is very popular among sophisticated marijuana connoisseurs. The White Runtz strain is also used for medical purposes. If you want to try the effect of using this variety for yourself, you can order it from us. We offer quality products delivered from trusted suppliers. You don’t have to worry about safety – the weed is packed in tight bags, so no one will know about the contents of the parcel.

What is White Runtz Weed?

Runtz UK combines several well-known marijuana strains:

  • Zkittlez;
  • Gelato.

Runtz cali weed boasts a fairly high concentration of THC, reaching 29%, but most often it contains 20% THC, which sets this strain apart from others. It is worth noting that White Runtz Cali does not contain CBD. At the same time, this strain of cannabis contains many other cannabinoids that provide a unique effect on the body.

Benefits and Effects of White Runtz Weed?

White Runtz weed will enlighten the mind and heal the body. After consuming marijuana, you may experience the following effects:

  • body relaxation;
  • elimination of muscle spasms and tension;
  • enlightenment of the mind;
  • a surge of inspiration;
  • improved mood.

The high concentration of THC in Cali White Runtz allows you to achieve the optimal combination of physical relaxation and mental stimulation. After consumption, you can engage in any activity of your choice: watch a movie, relax at home without unnecessary noise, or go for a walk.

You can always order from UK Runtz with fast delivery to your door in our online store We only have high-quality products from trusted suppliers.

4 reviews for White Runtz

  1. The Rhizome (verified owner)

    Great Runtz! Smells divine tastes outstanding. I had a few different types of Runtz and this one is just a treat. Small nugs cured properly. The high is positivity to the max levels – happy, chatty optimism. As with all Runtz strains the key here is that lovely body high. Ones feels fantastic and super chilled. Them so called cali strains is a rare treat due to price tag however. I had Runtz OG in the past from here and it was equally great if not better. Lower price here would increase demand since Runtz is just a fantastic strain all over.
    This is well grown and cured strain that gives an amazing experience- definitely worth to treat one self . Thanks weedplace team!

  2. Martin Browne (verified owner)

    Top shelf bud smell of this strain is very sickly to sweet for my liking much prefer the original Runtz. This one is just to much for my palette but for others this might be different. If your into that desert fruity kind of weed then this is for you. I have had it airing out for 24 hours now as I really do not like that sickly sweetness. I have bought White Runtz in the past for way cheaper £50 on a 3.5 so for me this is way over priced. But this goes for the MAC also. I can get it way cheaper then this. The MAC as stated in my review top gear! but not the best MAC I have tried had better especially taste wise. The effects of this White Runtz are good nice and chill happy with a good body high for sure. Gets you a nice relaxing stone.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product, high price

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

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