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What is CBD?
There are over 400 natural chemicals in cannabis, marijuana or hemp that have a beneficial effect on your body and health. Over 50 of these chemicals are unique and you can only find them in these plants.
One of these substances-compounds is CBD, which is actively used for medical purposes, as it perfectly stimulates the brain, promotes recovery and has a sedative effect.
CBD is found in cannabis stems and flowers and is a natural extract of cannabis.
CBD is gaining more and more popularity, both in everyday consumption and in medicine. So people search for weed online more and more often.
What is the difference between CBD and THC?
Having a similar structure, these two substances have different effects: THC has a psychotropic effect, as it directly affects the brain’s CB1 receptors and can cause euphoria and change consciousness; at a time when CBD, although interacting with the same receptor, does not have such an effect, but rather suppresses it, the effect is smooth and “airy”.
Commercial marijuana contains less than 0.3% of THC, but CBD levels are much higher.
Each marijuana bush is unique due to the fact that although these two substances are contained in each of the plants, the combination is always different.
If we talk about strains, then, for example, Sativa is rich in CBD, therefore, it is used more often for medical purposes. Indica, on the other hand, contains a higher concentration of THC, which is why it is considered as a recreational drug.
In other words, one is a pain reliever, and the second is to help with inflammation in the muscles, for example.
Does CBD do anything?
CBD is a kind of refined substance with a number of recreational activities. People who are used to living in frantic rhythms with great stress and great psychological pressure and who buy weed regularly note that CBD lowers blood pressure, improves sleep and normalizes the emotional state, and reduces anxiety.
Also, a number of researchers have noticed that CBD can have an anti-inflammatory effect.
What are the medical effects of CBD?
Despite all the positive effects of using CBD, the main thing is its huge prospects for medicine.
Many people who buy cannabis report its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.
Many take it for muscle pain, arthritis, anxiety, and there are also known cases with positive results in the treatment of schizophrenia.
Taking CBD oil reduces the level of symptoms of epilepsy: the intensity and frequency of seizures decreases.
CBD promotes appetite and reduces nausea when used with cancer patients and people with eating disorders.
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is able to reduce even chronic pain, not to mention acute pain, and also helps to get rid of acne, because creams with its components normalize processes in the epidermis and accelerate healing.
Some scientific studies confirm that the use of CBD oil slows down the development of cancer cells, improving the quality of life of such patients and prolonging it.
CBD may be prescribed to patients with type 1 diabetes as it promotes immune system recovery and aids in pancreas repair.
Other health benefits of CBD include: reduced anxiety and nervous tension; strengthening the cardiovascular system, as well as some researchers claim that the use of CBD oil helps to streamline the thought process and find ways out of different situations faster than others.
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