Regrettably, our current shipping capabilities only extend to the UK, where we can ensure a 99% successful delivery rate. Shipping to other countries is not feasible for us at this time.

As a standard practice, we do not automatically disclose tracking information to avoid utilizing the customer's email. However, if your order doesn't arrive within the expected timeframe, kindly contact our support via email or Telegram account @weedplace_uk to receive an update on your order.

We do not accept returns under any circumstances, as it would compromise our privacy. We only send replacement items in the event that the item you received is faulty or exhibits issues.

Buying weed online is now much safer and easier. If you are looking for a quality product at a great price, then our store is at your service. On the WeedPlace website, you can quickly and safely buy weed UK with delivery to any city. is a trusted cannabis supplier. We don’t just offer to buy weed, but we are developing canna culture and inviting you on an amazing journey where Jah’s gifts will open up new facets. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying marijuana for the first time, are an experienced user, or are looking for the best cannabis – we always have something to offer you.


Why to Buy Weed Online from WeedPlace Shop?


To buy cannabis online in the UK from our website is the best solution. Buying weed on the street in an unsafe place can be a problem, but when you work with us, you can rest assured that you will receive an effective, quality product. It is very important for us that the client is satisfied with the cooperation and discovers the world of cannabis as easily, safely, and pleasantly as possible.

Advantages of buying weed online uk from WeedPlace Shop


If you’d like to join the Canna culture bandwagon, you can buy weed online UK from our virtual WeedPlace store. They prefer to cooperate with us for the following reasons:

  • high quality of goods – we offer cannabis only from the best-trusted suppliers;
  • a large selection of products – you can not only buy marijuanafrom us but also order thc flowers, vape pens, and other goods;
  • fast delivery to London, Manchester, and other cities;
  • complete confidentiality and security – the legal aspect of the sale of marijuana has not yet been fully regulated in the UK, at the same time, our clients can rest assured that they will be able to buy cannabis safely (when purchasing, you only need to indicate the delivery address).

Also, the issue of product packaging remains a priority for us. Each order is sent in a plain box or envelope without any logos or other markings. The product is packaged several times in tight bags that do not allow the smell to pass through, and the top is once again wrapped with tape to ensure that the smell does not leak through. If your buying weed online UK was completed before 4 pm Monday to Friday, we will dispatch the parcel on the same day. Please note that delivery speed largely depends on the carrier. We also offer you the opportunity to check the status of your parcel. To do this, you just need to contact us, and we will track it.
Upon receipt, we recommend checking the integrity of the parcel, the condition of the packaging, and whether all units of the ordered products are inside. It is best to film the unpacking process from the very beginning so that later (in case of a controversial issue) you can prove the fact that the order was packaged incorrectly.

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