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THC: 29%
CBD: 1%



Buy weed Tutankhamon

Buy weed Tutankhamon

Tutankhamon, also known as King Tut, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, is composed of 60 percent sativa genetics and 40 percent indica genetics. This strain inherits the skunky nature from its parent strain AK-47. Tutankhamon offers a potent cerebral buzz that promotes an active high suitable for maintaining functionality and productivity.

The strain’s frosty flowers boast an impressive 23 percent THC content, which stimulates racing thoughts and out-of-the-box thinking and boosts creativity. The buds contain 1.8 percent CBD, adding an extra element worth noting.

When smoking Tutankhamon in blunts or bowls, users can experience energising and relaxing effects on the mind and body. The strain produces a head high characterized by deep thoughts, meditative states, and occasionally spaced-out sensations. Simultaneously, the body high induces couch lock, sleepiness, and numbing effects for pain relief.

Users will be pleasantly surprised by the taste when taking a hit of Tutankhamon from a bong. This strain offers a delightful combination of cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, honey, licorice, and butterscotch flavors. The aromatic profile is equally captivating, with hints of orange, sweetness, and earthiness filling
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8 reviews for Tutankhamon

  1. AJ (verified owner)

    Really strong but nice bud it definitely has a fruity taste 5* as always

  2. Martin Browne (verified owner)

    live review – Top shelf product, fresh and flavoursome burns top. White ash throughout the cone. Can taste and smell the AK-47 very well. Skunky, sour and very ak. Perfect execution. The og ak was always a staple back in the hay day. Impressive produce over all worth the price tag and highly recommend this for your day time rotations and morning bakes. Good working high. Put you in that mood you need to be in. Stable effects as my brother just said. Takes us back to those good ole days. Great work lads

  3. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Very nice and strong.

  4. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

  5. Nigel (verified owner)

    Excellent product, excellent delivery, excellent customer service. Probably the best site on the Internet!

  6. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

  7. Ivan (verified owner)

    top quality website

  8. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

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