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THC Vape Pen 1ml mastermind

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THC: 35%
CBD: 9.1%



Buy THC Vape Pen 1ml mastermind.

mastermind. is an uplifting and energizing formula designed to unleash the power of your mind. Eucalyptus and citrus notest will increase your focus, motivation, and creativity.


You may feel: energy, creativity, focus, and enhanced mood
Intensity: mind psychoactive
Spectrum: energizing
Flavors: forest, pine, citrus


USAGE RECOMMENDATION: Use mastermind. Anytime during the day for enhanced energy, creativity, and focus. Avoid using before going to sleep.


mastermind. contains around 200 puffs. One puff =3 second draw = 5 mg of the mastermind. inhaled. Start with three puffs, and wait for 10 min to feel the effect. Puff some more.


Ingredients: All natural plant-derived cannabinoids and terpenes.


Free from: Heavy metals, microbial, mycotoxins, pesticides, and solvents. No additives or follers.


THC – 35,1%
CBD – 9,1 %
CBC – 10,7%
CBG – 19,8%
THCV – 20,2%
Terpenes 5,1%


Made in California, USA

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4 reviews for THC Vape Pen 1ml mastermind

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Sam Smiles (verified owner)

    Effects are ok, but very situational. not good for regular use, best for working/contemplating or meditating. Not a fan of vapes, I like to take my time when smoking. Vapes don’t last long and if you puff too much you’ll burn through it even faster, probably getting too stoned. I do like the ability to not stink out an area. Next time I’ll stick to an ounce of shake.

  3. Mr Kuramunshum (verified owner)

    To be honest I never feel like vapes are worth it. Maybe I haven’t had the right one but this one definitely wasn’t it for me. Kind of weak I can take 10 hits and feel functional which is the opposite of what I heard vapes are like. Plus there’s more like 50 than 150 puffs in it but maybe that’s a factor that’s hard to control so not to bothered about that. In future just gonna buy bud and edibles and maybe try a vape with better reviews.

  4. Ricardo Higueras Bueno (verified owner)

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