THC Vape Pen

THC Vape 0.5mg – “Dream” White Runtz

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THC: 88%




– High grade THC Vape pen
– 100 vapes
– 1 vape equal to 4mg of THC
– Charger can be included per request
White Runtz – with indica dominant hybrid marijuana concentrate. White Runtz produces long-lasting effects that are relaxing and tingly. This strain features a sweet flavour profile that coats your senses.

8 reviews for THC Vape 0.5mg – White Runtz

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Tyler (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Tyler (verified owner)

    Great flavour and good high, lasts a while (4-5 days for me).

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This one gives a nice charge, followed by a nice relaxing buzz and sleep is amazing with this flavour

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice mellow high easy to use and no smell

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice intense buzz, gradually mellows out and gets you ready for bed!

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