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THC Cali Vape Pen Zkittlez 1 ML

THC: 91%



Buy THC Cali Vape Pen Zkittlez 1 ML

New Disposable 1ml Cali Vape Pen with Zkittlez weed strain concentrate. 
Zkittlez, also known as Skittles, Island Skittles, and Skittlz, is an Indica-dominant strain. The name comes from the candy-like fruit flavor, and sour citrus aroma inherited from its fruity parent strains. It’s well-known for its uplifting yet relaxing effects.
Therapeutically, it’s primarily used to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Zkittlez typically has a moderate to high THC level of 12% to 20%. But in concentrate form, as Vape Pen, you will get 91 %
The “Zkittlez” disposable cartridge is a 1ml vape pen with a rechargeable battery. These premium cartridges will give you big bong-like hits every time. These vape pens are disposable yet rechargeable, so unlike other cheaper ones, you won’t be left with oil in the cartridge when the battery goes flat; there is no wastage.

You may feel sleepy, calm, relaxed, or relieved.
Intensity: mind psychoactive
Spectrum: calm
Flavors: Earth, floral


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