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Introducing another top-quality domestic hash, Rolex 2023 Hash. Many domestic hashes have a unique twist compared to traditional varieties. This is because most domestic hash undergoes a heat and pressure pressing process, resulting in a malleable, long-lasting product that’s easy to handle. We begin with freshly harvested and frozen indica flowers, carefully collecting and separating frozen THC trichomes from unwanted plant material. These trichomes are then pressed and sealed with a mark of quality assurance.
Following this, the pure THC bricks are meticulously cured under optimal conditions, allowing for the development of robust, earthy flavors and an exceptionally smooth smoking experience. Rolex 2023 Hash boasts a terpene profile reminiscent of renowned West Coast strains like BC Kush, Master Kush, and Rockstar. Connoisseurs will appreciate the prominent Caryophyllene terpenes that provide a spicy punch with subtle floral undertones.
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