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THC: 19%
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OG Sour Diesel is a slightly Sativa-leaning hybrid with a mysterious past. No one knows who first crossed this wonderfully potent hybrid, but we’re thankful they did it. Some sources claim The Cali Connection, a California-based cannabis company. Other sources claim that OG Sour Diesel is a cross between Sour OG and Chemdawg, Super Skunk, or OG Kush. Despite this mystery, OG Sour Diesel is a unique and powerful daytime hybrid that will lift your spirits. .


As the name suggests, its aroma is quite stinky, and you should expect to smell primarily diesel and skunk. The flavor is quite similar in addition to a few sour herbs on the aftertaste. .


As with most middle-of-the-road hybrids, a wide range of effects are present and may not be experienced by everyone the same way. Some find this strain to be quite mellow and relaxing, providing much-needed physical relief to any aches or pains in the body. At the same time, it serves as a calming tool used to settle any anxieties or worries and dissipate any negative thoughts. Some experience a heady high from this strain that leaves them feeling quite spacey and buzzed, which is excellent for those who love getting introspective during their highs. .


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10 reviews for OG Sour Diesel

  1. Martin Browne (verified owner)

    Really nice quality and clean smoke. Big fan of the old school Sour D strains this is a good change from the normal. Buds are nicely done has a great sour, sweet, earthy scent as expected from a sour D. Effects are really good for morning wakes and during the day it keeps you motivated. Few tokes and your mind is lifted. After awhile you get a nice calm feeling to the high, balance is key. Taste is how it smells but more fruity then the actual smell.

  2. soheil sohrabian (verified owner)

    5 This is good

  3. Marcus (verified owner)

  4. Tomasz (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  5. Nicola Houghton (verified owner)

    Beautiful bud again but didnt hit the spot

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Simon (verified owner)

  8. Kyle (verified owner)

    Great smoke, fast delivery

  9. Kirin W. (verified owner)

  10. K S. (verified owner)

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