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THC: 20%
CBD: 2%



Buy Lemon Amnesia


Buy Lemon Amnesia

AMNESIA LEMON – sativa-dominant (60%) marijuana strain. Crossing between AMNESIA HAZE and LEMON SKUNK, such a great parent, isn’t it?


Amnesia Lemon is leaning towards the Sativa end of the spectrum produces more of a cerebral and head high. This head high produces sensations of exhilaration and is reported to have hints of aphrodisiac properties. The strain does offer elements of a body high, perhaps due to a reasonable amount of Indica genetics present within plants. This body high is narcotic and produces calming, sleepy, and couch lock effects.


Amnesia Lemon hosts a complex array of flavours that will interest cannabis connoisseurs. Hints of lemon and lime are present upon taking a toke of the strain. Other detectable flavours present when smoking include ginger, marshmallow, and licoricey. The strain’s aromas are potentially even more complex and pleasing than the unique tastes. When pulling a handful of buds of Amnesia Lemon out of the bag, prepare your sense of smell for tones of lime, lemon, sandalwood, hashish, musk, earthiness, grape, apricot, and nectar.

The flowers produced by Amnesia Lemon contain a high percentage of THC, making them an excellent smoke for when you have time to engage in recreational activities fully and creative endeavours. The CBD content of these buds is low, making the strain a good choice for recreational stoning or medical users explicitly looking for THC. To read more about Lemon Amnesia strain please follow this link


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52 reviews for Lemon Amnesia

  1. Stevie P (verified owner)

    Wow! I didn’t expect this quality for the price.
    Open the bag to a strong lemon skunky aroma and the flavour is the same, lovely. The high is strong and well balanced coming on in a rush. My next buy is more of this, fantastic value. Thanks again weedplace.

  2. Stevie P (verified owner)

    This is very good weed a real bargain.
    It’s not very pretty but it’s very good at getting you high.
    More on the sativa side than I thought a few hours ago in my last review and the flavour is amazing.

  3. Stevie P (verified owner)

    I’ve smoked about a dozen different strains over the last few months and this is the best, the fact that it’s also the cheapest is a bonus. If you you love mimosa or stardawg get some of this. Smell, high, taste, it’s got the lot and at a very good price.

  4. Stillblazin2k21 (verified owner)

    Lovely smoke, strong lemon taste & aroma. Great mellow high. Excellent discrette shipping. Outdone yourselves again weedplace.

    Please use my referral link before purchase so I can get £10 off my next order:

  5. Joejoe (verified owner)

    Cheap and chearful

  6. Turnip Bloke (verified owner)

    This stuff is potent! Super stoned.

    Great cheap price too

  7. Legba (verified owner)

    One of my favourites. Gorgeous smell and a really nice high.

  8. John W. (verified owner)

    Really nice vape

  9. Michael (verified owner)

    Good value for money

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. chris tighe (verified owner)

  12. Chris Ward (verified owner)

  13. Antony (verified owner)

    Can’t fault this company. Really good

  14. Mark Davison (verified owner)

    Very poor quality. Again, another order that is over dried, harsh hits with a lack of any high to speak off, very disappointed. 2nd time I have now had bad goods from this site, will be looking for alternatives as I cannot just keep throwing away hundreds of pounds on the flip of a coin and reporting it to customer support is pointless.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Yeah I was worried whether this was a scam or not but desperate for some weed I did some research and from what I gathered it seemed legit. So I took the risk and ordered. I purchased on the weekend so I was a little worried when it didn’t show in 1-3 working days but lo and behold it arrived and tasted great. This is now my go to for weed and delivery can be crazy sometimes as I’ve actually got my orders the day after purchasing. Honestly I feel I’m living in a weird utopia. But I totally recommend 👌😭

  16. Paul (verified owner)

    Nice flower / fast delivery – Thanks

  17. John Walsh (verified owner)

    Love this for a smoke does exactly like it says in the description bought it twice now and I love will be buying again

  18. A S. (verified owner)

    Lovely product. Great service

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This strain is a rich earthy citrus with good looking firm nugs and a load of dark resin terps. A chewy grind perfect for vaping, giving a few hits per bowl. Enjoyable chilled effects. I may come back to this in future. Perfect service from weedplace, many thanks.

  20. Krystian (verified owner)

    Very Nice Freshh : )))

  21. MaTT_SplaTT (verified owner)

    Potent and good value.

  22. AJ (verified owner)

    5*Smoke 5*Service As Always

  23. John W. (verified owner)

    I really like this one 🤪🤪

  24. AJ (verified owner)

    £60 for a 1/4 you can’t go wrong really nice smoke

  25. Steve F. (verified owner)

    Potent and great value for money. Delivery and service excellent as always. Top marks.

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)


  27. Martin Browne (verified owner)

    10/10 LA. Nice bulky buds has a really nice natural smell and taste with a hint of the lemon. Can taste the amnesia as well nicely. Great smoke throughout very uplifting and motivating gear with a calm touch at the end to it. Would recommend this if you like your amnesia strains. Super fast delivery as always. Top work guys!

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Most trustworthy company online. Always good product, delivered when expected. If you have any problems they are very responsive through Telegram. Cant fault these guys👍

  29. Antonio (verified owner)

    Good quality,these guys offering a premium service. Pretty raccomended

  30. Lisa (verified owner)

    As always a great, quick and discreet service. Great smell , frosty and lovely smoke – good value

  31. Wes (verified owner)

    Ok, but not quite as strong or relaxing as some of the other strains. I think my tolerance is high. On 7g value for money is still 10/10.

  32. DImana Boytcheva (verified owner)

    Delivered within a day, great stuff. Absolutely spot on every time, the most reliable company out there!

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    lovely but way overpriced

  34. Wes (verified owner)

    Good value for money. This version of the strain didnt appear to be as strong as the previous amnesia lemon I had, but still ok.

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Definitely some a star shit very dank indeed 🍋

  36. Oliver (verified owner)

    Great smoke, great price

  37. Emma B. (verified owner)

    Always a good strain from weedplace

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing service, excellent product, dispatch as good as Amazon

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good smoke great service

  41. neil hardie (verified owner)

    very nice x

  42. Benito (verified owner)


  43. chris (verified owner)

  44. carl (verified owner)

    Always Good for here. Thankyou

  45. neil hardie (verified owner)

  46. Marc T. (verified owner)

  47. Oliver (verified owner)

    Great smoke, great price

  48. John Walsh (verified owner)

  49. D H. (verified owner)

    Solid Product as ever, perfect for daytime pain relief and the guys at HUB, are truly an enterprise that can hold its head up high, they deliver.

  50. Wes (verified owner)

    I’ve had this strain two or three times before and its always been decent for the money. Unfortunately this batch was rather lame. Hardly any power and extremely leafy and brittle buds with no resin/stickiness whatsoever. Didnt do it for me ended up giving it away. Pretty sure this batch had another strain mixed in with it as some buds had a cheesy smell which was verified by others. Hub they gave me 20% off my next order when I gave feedback upon receipt. It still wasnt great what I had for £40 but at least it was a gesture all the same.

  51. John W. (verified owner)

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely fire! Legalise it and let these guys run the national supply lmaooo! More reliable than the NHS!

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