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THC: 21%
CBD: 1%



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If you consider to buy Colorado Chem you would be purchasing hybrid (50/50) marijuana strain.
If you want to open your mind and find that inner peace you’ve been longing for, this is the perfect bud to get you there. With exceedingly high THC averages, Colorado Chem guarantees users a powerful high with long lasting and uplifting effects. It brings a 50/50 ratio so you can enjoy both a full body calm with a clear mind. Small to medium buds dusted with white sparkling trichomes. The minty pine flavors and skunky earthy aroma round this nug out like a brisk morning breeze.


This strain is best served when you can chill, as the deeply relaxing body high gives users a feeling of laziness with some even reporting a slight sedation. Dive into your own thoughts and pull out the artist in you, because your creative energies will be flowing. Because this bud gives you a long lasting high, daytime use is recommended.


When used for stress relief, depressive symptoms and the like, Colorado Chem offers users the release they crave. Colorado Chem is the right choice when you need a moment of clarity. The smooth and relaxing high, coupled with its ability to take you beyond your mental blocks, make it perfect for all users, creative and otherwise. To read more about Colorado Chem strain please follow this link

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35 reviews for Colorado Chem

  1. William Schofield (verified owner)

    Lovely bud. Amazing smell, grinds well & good high. Next day delivery & discrete packaging. 5*

  2. Bartosz Kozina (verified owner)

    Delivers exactly what it’s promised in the description. Great flavour, really sweet scent and it gives you both the head and body high. Great for creativity or relaxation, I can recommend.

  3. jabby99 (verified owner)

    Does the job left me feeling very relaxed and helped with my insomnia. thanks

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    First order,looked good and was potent just how i like it.

  5. nick friable (verified owner)

  6. Gareth (verified owner)

    Loved it. Nice taste. Whilst quite soporific it didn’t effect my motivation

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. Andy (verified owner)

    A beautiful strain!

  9. John Walsh (verified owner)

    Hi this is my second order so far from weedplace and this stuff nocks your head off if you like a good high then try this you won’t be disappointed my name is John walsh and I can say if you are thinking of putting an order in but are hesitant about it being a scam it’s not just make sure you have a cryptocurrency account set up first then you are good to go plus they tell you on the site here how to order I order with litecoin because there are less fees I got an email confirming my order then once it had processed I got another email to say it’s been dispatched you can track your order with the 1-3 days delivery mine normally comes within two days of ordering I’ve smoked weed for over 21 years and finding this weedplace online for order medical cannabis it’s a dream come true knowing I can get top quality THC flower buds all the time with a click of a button instead of shitty backstreet dealers all hale weedplace you are a dream come true

  10. Bigalo (verified owner)

    Very tasty a top toot

  11. EDOGG (verified owner)

    I was hesitant when i bought this weed strain because of the name ‘colarado chem’ because i hate colarado and i was always shit at chemistry but i bought it anyway. I rolled all 8gs i bought into one zoot and smoked the whole thing in less then 35.82 mins. To begin with i felt no different, but then it hit me. The intense flood of fear and internal rage filled my soul like the burst of a water damn. There was no turning back, horrible pale faces with eyes that could stop the devil in his tracks stared at me with a thousand daggers. I was no longer in my bedroom of the abadoned indian takeaway crackden i call home, i was transported. All four walls and the needle crouded floors faded away and left me in a void of my own regret and nothing was in view but these pale faces of blank disapointment. I tried to re assure myself that non of this was real and i was close, until they spoke. “Become whole” the first face said. Before i could desiphere what it meant another chirpped up, “you will see what we see.” My fear grew at an expenential rate. I felt my skin crawl and my limbs jidder however i could see no body of mine. All i was aware of was my concious and the faces of pale woh. More and more they spoke louder and louder, “realise the way” i heard from afar, “create what is needed for us” bellowed another. With much haste they all started blaring with non sensical yet deeply spiritual phrases, as one finished another spoke over it. It was as if each was setting of the other, like a flock of sheep being hurded out a field. Voices grew and the noise turned from what was once the sound of a conversation youd have with a friend to what was now louder than any cheer at any major football game on darby day. I was engulfed with words of no meaning. Or did they mean everything. Was i just not listening. Suddenly the faces came closer and closer, with speed and haste there pale faces filled my vision, each cheek and nose of pale white skin moulded together to create a blinding heaven like light, and for one moment one fleeting second i believed i was about to step foward to those pearly gates. However the light dimmed down to reveal faces again. Not faces like before but faces of my crack’ed friends, one with a phone gripped in his sweaty palms. Turns out Barry just forgot to turn the flash off when he took a photo. 10/10 weed would definitly smoke again.

  12. Lucas Correa (verified owner)

    Don’t normally add reviews for stuff on this site but I like this a lot. Have tried various strains now from the hub (Choc mint, Skywalker, Cali Shake – best value ever btw, Wedding Cake, Ammi, ICC) but this shit right here takes the crown. Chill, light but also great high. Feel pretty energetic and just, nice. Even with a bit of booze it won’t turn you on your ass but still get you high. Get it, get it yesterday.

  13. Seasalmonsalad (verified owner)

    After ordering probably 10 times now and trying various weeds from weedplace, btw the best place to buy your weed safely online and mostly comes within the specified date, I can tell you this is the best weed I have ever smoked yes it’s a bit more expensive but it’s worth every penny extra. Smooth head high then you get a deep body high honestly amazing thank you weedplace!

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)


  15. Mr B. (verified owner)


  16. Kevin M. (verified owner)

    Great smoke with a nice high, recommend

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice High

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

  19. Peter D. (verified owner)

    Excellent product came on time nice to find a genuine site.

  20. William (verified owner)

    Very civilised transaction. Crisp customer service via telegram. See you again soon.

  21. Simon Mark (verified owner)

    It’s a nice smoke, to chill out with and to let the world float by after a hard day’s work

  22. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Firstly, the fact that you can order online, it gets delivered to your house, it’s efficient, reliable etc is great and for that alone it can’t get below a 3/5. However, I recently bought mimosa again. First time I got it, it was 10/10 – buds were dense, cut perfectly – quite frankly some of the best I’ve smoked etc. This time, it has the same smell so I know it’s mimosa, but aesthetically it looks inferior – not well cut, a fair few stalks too. I also bought maple leaf which I am really unimpressed with. My fear is that initially the product is fantastic but when you become a loyal customer, they start slacking and taking it for granted. I hope this isn’t the case and, for now, I’m reserving judgement and hoping these issues are just a temporary blip in an otherwise brilliant service provider. I have recomended you guys to everyone I know who smokes, so please don’t make me look foolish but saying how great the product is. Keep the standard up and I’ll keep coming back. 4/5 for now. If I edit this review again, I hope to be editing the score to a 5. God bless. Thanks for the service you provide.

  23. Graeme White (verified owner)

    Great service have been using for over a year. Lovely products, fast dispatch. Thank you.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This site is top notch excellent product easy to use and fantastic delivery service

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent high, love this bud. The service from weedplace is exceptional, quantity and quality are excellent, delivery is super fast usually 1-3 days in my case – and I thank them for being there for us

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect.. most enjoyable

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Probably one of the best strains I have tried- weedplace are total legit and professional

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well I am not sure what the reviews are boasting of as it kinda put me into naive expectations with this one.

    Only and reasonable explanation:
    Think I might have got the shiva skunk as the smell reminds me of the shiva strains…but I don’t know what wither
    Colchem or Shivaskunk smells or tastes like

    But defo good smoke and nice smell and good buzz

    But definitely not worth the prize

    Way better choices with theses guys and at better prized

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

  30. Alex (verified owner)

    Perhaps sativa just isn’t for me, but it’s not my favourite

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

  32. Antony (verified owner)

    This companies service is always great. This is a nice strain. Some strains give me paranoid feelings and anxiety. This one is nice. I could function well and it helped with creative work and gives a nice relaxing feeling.

  33. Martin Browne (verified owner)

    Top Tier smoke ticks all the boxes how ever tastes just like the Chocolate mint strain which I was quite surprised at didn’t seem to get that chemdawg terp in this strain. The terpenes were more of the Mint then anything which I found strange. The CO is more of a menthol and Lemon skunk blend. But never the less this is a great one for medical and recreational use. Great work!

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Next to Green Crack, this is the bonb

  35. D (verified owner)

    Good smell and flavour. The high was long lasting but not too intense

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